Manufacturing Sector Cleaning

An efficient industrial cleaning schedule for your manufacturing facility or warehouse keeps operations functional, safe and on time. Kaszuby Kleaners manages over 420,000 square feet of cleaning space daily, ensuring your facility is ready and safe to meet operational requirements.

Good sanitation practices are important in the workplace because it contributes to a healthy workforce, especially during COVID-19 pandemic times. A healthy workforce is more productive and confident when knowing their employer is prioritizing workplace sanitation practices . A healthy workplace also means financial savings for you, by reducing the costs associated with sick leave and possible facility closure.

Our janitorial team members get to know your organizations’ sanitation standards and quality needs, and can be an integral part of meeting your environmental compliance goals.

Service Quality Guarantee

Kaszuby Kleaners provides exceptional janitorial, and maintenance services to each and every client. By caring about your company’s unique cleaning and maintenance requirements, our Janitorial team members lead the way in providing reliable and innovative solutions to businesses, offices, and other facilities, even in these most challenging times!

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