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COVID 19 Cleaning Services 

The recent global pandemic of the COVID -19 virus has created grave concerns for everyone’s safety in both the private and public sector areas. Kaszuby Kleaners Inc. is leading the way in providing innovative solutions to business, public housing, long-term care facilities, and other areas where pandemic related sanitation requirements have changed the way our clients live, work and play. What can Kaszuby Kleaners Inc. do for you?


Floor Care Services

Your professional, stress-free, floor-cleaning service awaits you at Kaszuby Kleaners Inc., as we proudly deliver superior floor care for all flooring types.  Vinyl composite tile  (VCT), linoleum, ceramic tile, or carpet, we have a process for all flooring surfaces. Make a lasting impression on your customers by keeping your floors clean and sparkling all year round!

Floor refinishing/Stripping and Waxing
Our professional floor refinishing teams have more than a decade of experience within the retail and manufacturing sectors.  Our teams will strip, wax, deep-scrub and  high-speed burnish your floor, leaving it gleaming with a wet-look shine. The benefits of maintaining your floors are:

  • Visualizes a clean and sanitary shopping environment for your customers
  • Protects floor surface from everyday wear and tear
  • Preserves and extends the shine of the floor surface against sand and salt damage over the winter months

Carpet Cleaning
Carpets in your office, business, or retail space can accumulate pollutants, mold and dust mites due to the volume of foot traffic they receive.  Our professional carpet care team will deep clean your carpet spaces with the methods approved by manufacturers, low moisture or hot water extraction.   The benefits of maintaining your carpets with our professional service are:

  • Visualizes a clean and sanitary environment for your customers and employees
  • Protects the carpet from embedded staining and extends the life of your carpet flooring.
  • Kills bacteria, removes stains, trapped pollutants, and prevents infestation of dust mites

Deep Cleaning Periodics (Kitchens and Restaurants)
Periodic deep cleaning of your restaurant, or vegetable,meat, seafood, and other commercial food preparation areas require deep cleaning protocols to ensure customer safety and health inspection compliance.  Failing to maintain a periodic deep cleaning schedule will be noticeable to your customers, and detrimental to your operations during public health inspections.

Deep cleaning services go beyond a routine cleaning.   Walls, floors,  preparation surfaces, walkin in fridges, freezers, storage rooms, and exhaust vents are thoroughly degreased, cleaned and sanitized.

Whether you need monthly, quarterly or annual deep cleaning, our team will get the job done right for you!


New Build, Renovation and Real Estate Services

New Build and Renovation Cleaning
Once the dust has settled on your construction or renovation project, let Kaszuby Kleaners Inc. provide the detailed cleaning that will impress the home or business owner, and make the finished project sparkle!

Our cleaning teams pay close attention to details like window sills and tracks, cabinet fronts, backsplashes, windows, flooring, baseboards, fixtures and more. All the places and spaces that collect construction dust and debris.  Our teams bring that polished finish to your project!

Real Estate Cleaning Service
Moving out of your home? Before the new homeowner takes possession of the house, let the Kaszuby Kleaners Inc. professionals come in and give your house a thorough cleaning top to bottom.   We will save you the hassle and frustration of cleaning the house after moving out.  You will appreciate the time you save, and the new homeowners will be impressed!

Our cleaning teams will vacuum and clean carpets, wash walls and ceilings, dust and clean all lighting fixtures, wash windows, thoroughly sanitize surfaces in the home, and remove all evidence of pets.

Service Quality Guarantee

Kaszuby Kleaners provides exceptional janitorial, and maintenance services to each and every client. By caring about your company’s unique cleaning and maintenance requirements, our Janitorial team members lead the way in providing reliable and innovative solutions to businesses, offices, and other facilities, even in these most challenging times!

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